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The Sexy Shopping Trip

Shopping time, all I knew about today's meeting was that we were going shopping. There were a few items she had spoken about getting previously, but I had no idea where the day was going. Nonetheless, I was ecstatic. Even going grocery shopping or doing laundry with my Mistress would be the highlight of my week. Despite her lack of text communication, she was always in my thoughts, and being in her company was always a pleasure.

I chose to wear a black sweater that I thought was trendier than the majority of my goodwill-riddled wardrobe after checking the temperature. Throwing it over a black T-shirt I dash out the door, the last thing I needed was to be late for my Mistress's pick-up. I arrive at my mistress's place 20 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, better to be safe than sorry. The text I send while parking is not instantly responded to. I merely sit in my car, listening to music, trying to contain my enthusiasm and remain calm and humble waiting for my Mistress to approach.

After a little more than 20 minutes, she responds, stating she will be out soon. Another ten minutes passed before she stepped out of her front door. She walks briskly, not in a rush, but with purpose and a no-nonsense stride. Her modest black tank top contrasts well with her lovely pale skin. It wasn't low-cut enough to disclose her cleavage, but simply seeing any amount of her perfect milky skin below her neck makes me swoon. She wears a dark blue sweater over her tank top. Even with my limited fashion expertise, I'm sure her sweater is more stylish and more expensive than mine, but I still feel a small sense of accomplishment that I appear to have dressed adequately for the occasion. She's wearing form-fitting but not too tight pants over her toned, muscular legs. They make her thighs look divine, and no matter how hard I try to restrain my sexual impulses, her legs drive me insane. I can't see her ass as she marches confidently toward me, but I'm sure it's as fantasy-inducing and heart-stopping as the rest of her figure. I was slightly unhappy that I did not get to view her gorgeous toes or a sexy high heel, she appeared to be in ballet flats, but I quickly disregarded any negative thoughts as I run out of the car to open her door.

As she gets into the passenger seat, her only greeting is "Good slave." I rush back around to the driver's side, get in, start the car, and wait for directions. “Take me to Syliva Park” my Mistress demands. I enter the name into the GPS and start driving quietly to the next destination. When we get there, my mistress directs me to a parking spot. I quickly jump out of the car and open the door for her. She is waiting for me. She neatly exits the car without saying anything. Despite the fact that I had been in her presence for some time, I am briefly taken aback by her beauty as she begins to walk toward the mall entrance, paying no attention to me. Despite my best attempts, my gaze is pulled to her buttocks. Her ass and thighs move in such a hypnotic, seductive manner that it appears she is sashaying, taking exaggerated movements to accentuate her assets, but in fact, she is simply walking with purpose. Her figure has such a natural grace to it that I find it difficult to look away or think of anything else. I snap out of my daze as best I can and start scurrying after her. She walks directly to her destination, as she did before, without hesitating or breaking stride.

The destination is a lingerie boutique, she takes her time entering and begins to study the options. She never looks back to make sure I'm not following her, she just knows I am. I mean, how could I not obey such a stunning, self-assured, alpha female? She finally speaks after a few moments. "I’ll choose a few pieces of lingerie, you will help me try them on," she says matter-of-factly. "Indeed, mistress. "That sounds wonderful," I mumble. I'm quite excited on the inside, but I don't yet have the confidence to exhibit that excitement in this public setting. The store is rather packed, but no one has noticed me. There are other males in the store with their girlfriends or spouses, which I observe, I am nothing but a small slave with a powerful Mistress my mind reminds me.

She carefully picked out some lingerie. She selected two sets, one pink and one black. Mistress hands me both of them. I feel strange, out of place, and uneasy. She glares at me and rolls her eyes almost imperceptibly. "Follow me," she says authoritatively but matter-of-factly. I follow her with my head down, my gaze fixed on her feet. She is dressed sensibly in black pumps. Nothing that would normally attract notice, yet I find myself yearning to suck on her heels while she leads me to the changing room. Her deliberate steps come to a halt at the third of the many doors that line both sides of the walkway. Mistress's gaze descends to my crotch. Uh oh. She notices how hard I'm becoming. She beams. "I see you are a bit excited”, she laughs slightly and picks a dressing room and I am told to wait until she needs help.

I sit there and it feels like forever "SLAVE! “she screams, I jumped out of my skin, "Get on your hands and knees and crawl to the dressing room”, she stays wrapped in the curtain but I manage to see she is in the black lace set as she puts her foot out and places it on my head. The shop assistant noticed and giggled while she walked past. Feeling even smaller than I did five minutes ago, she slowly runs her sweaty foot down my face and circles her perfectly pedicured toes on my lips when it reaches my mouth. “Open your mouth,” she says wickedly, before my mouth is barely open, I have half a foot shoved down my throat and I am nearly choking. Mistress laughs and pulls her foot out. She looks down at her toes and notices my saliva dripping from them, I can immediately see she is not impressed her gorgeous foot is covered in drool. She orders me to stand up and grabs my chin while looking me dead in the eyes “Clean it” she says in a cold hard tone and pushes my head back to the floor.

The sales assistant walked in and asked if she can help with any sizes or styles as I am on the floor licking the spit of my Mistress’ foot. “No, I will take these items I have with me, ring them up, this loser down here will be there soon to pay for them” the assistant looked amused and said she would prepare the sale. The assistant leaves and my Mistress examines her foot, “Much better” she states “Now for being such a good boy, I am going to allow you into the changing room” my mouth just about hit the floor. As I crawl into the cubicle with her she bends over admiring her ass in the mirror, “Slave” she says sweetly, “I want you to gently run your hands over my soft ass cheeks” she can see I instantly get hard through my pants and she sharply turns and places her foot on my crouch. “Oh, I see someone likes that idea” she states then turns around and bends over again, poking her ass out in a teasing manner near my face. As I run my hands over her perfect peach-like ass my mind goes into some sort of trance, and I feel myself wanting to burst. I wish I were allowed closer, but that dream will never come true.

My Mistress turns to me slowly and sees I am about to explode, she places her foot on my crouch again and starts sliding her foot up and down the bulge in my pants. With a huge grin on her face she looks down, “Cum” she orders as she glares at me on the floor “Here Mistress?” I question, feeling a little embarrassed yet so aroused at the same time. “Yes here, you pathetic little slut, cum in your pants for me, it will make me so happy” as she smiled speaking these words to me, I exploded in silence so no one would hear me.

Mistress laughed and told me to get out and go pay for her items, she told me we were now going to get coffee.

My pants were soaked but I didn’t care, I got up and paid for her items and waited for her. As we walked to the café, me behind her of course, she turned and grinned that devilish smile at me and said “Good boy” my mind melted a little further into my new world, a world I hope I never have to leave.

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