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Golden Moments

I just about tripped with the number of shoe boxes I was carrying to the counter,

“HURRY UP” my Mistress barked at my happy, yet pathetic-looking face.

“You think that’s heavy, wait until we get into the lingerie shop my walking credit card” she cooed.

My cock twitched in its metal fortress at the words that rolled off her tongue, the sensation was both pleasuring and agonizing at the same time. Ah, pleasure, and pain I thought to myself, shopping with my Mistress was bliss, my favourite place to be, my heaven, my wonderland.

The lady at the counter looked at us knowingly, we had been here many times before, she knew our little secret and it cost me of course. Each time we came in my Mistress would make sure I handed her an envelope of cash, Mistress called this ‘hush money’ but I didn’t care, my little loser pin dick loved it. Each day at my work headquarters I order my minions around to get busy and work hard to bring in the profits and close deals, I know deep down I do it all for her, she drives me to be better, and to succeed. She makes me thrive with power in my workplace, yet in her presence I am weak, so weak my knees want to give way while I am with her.

“Well don’t just stand there looking like a lost puppy, hand over your card” she spoke with a grin.

I often drift off into my world and forget where I am and what I am meant to be doing, the power she has over me is truly some form of witchcraft, I am sure of it.

I swipe my card, the sound of the plastic thrills me, and hand the shop assistant her envelope. She and Mistress grin at each other as we leave the store, her in front of me while I trail behind with bags of shoes. My arms hurt already, “pleasure and pain” I remind myself as we head into the lingerie store.

The store is dimly lit, with the right amount of lighting, hitting the delicious garments, making them sparkle as they hang on the racks. Mistress makes a beeline for a diamond-encrusted body suit, oh how stunning she will look in this piece, she would look stunning in anything, but even I can see this piece was made for her perfect curves, I throb at the thought of her in it.

“What is with you today, your mind seems to be elsewhere, don’t just stand there, pick out my size and take it to the dressing room” she speaks, again with a grin, she knows he has me right where she wants me, she always looks like the cat that got the cream.

I know her size, I know every curve of her perfect body like I know the alphabet. I take the bodysuit from the rack, black lace, with sheer panels in all the right places, with diamond-encrusted trinkets sprinkled across straps and crotch area. I fumble my way to the dressing room where Mistress is waiting in a cubicle.

“Darling” she cooed yet again.

“Yes, Mistress?” I reply feeling a bit nervous.

“I have a treat for you” I can hear her smiling as she says this.

She opens the dressing room curtain and standing in front of me is my Goddess completely naked! I spring to attention; my cock trying its hardest in its cage. Oh, the pain and the pleasure I remind myself for the hundredth time today!

“Don’t just stand there, come in” Her mouth looks wicked as she speaks.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth, I didn’t feel like stopping at the bathrooms on the way, they are at the other end of the mall, and I figured you would be thirsty carrying all those bags” She looks down at me with her beautiful hazel eyes.

I kneel before her and open my mouth as wide as I can, my cock is throbbing so badly in its cage. I watch the key dangle from her neck, this makes me throb even harder. She steps towards me and lifts one of her legs, and places it on the dressing room stool to rest. Her perfectness is staring at me right in the face, she places her hand on it and pulls it apart slightly, making sure she has it aimed perfectly at my open mouth. The warmness starts filling my mouth.

“swallow” she whispers so no one hears her.

I do as I am told, and she squirts some more of her golden nectar into my mouth. It tastes so sweet and warms my throat as it trickles down, I swallow every single drop.

“What a good boy you are, now lick me dry, I can’t be trying on this garment all wet now can I?” she grinned.

I opened my mouth to lick her, a few lingering drips hit my tongue, I sucked them off as I was ordered to. Right at that moment I EXPLODE in my cage, I had no control, it was so painful but the pleasure, oh the pleasure, it was worth the pain.

Mistress looked down at me and laughed, her eyes sparkled as they always did.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum, did I?” She continued to speak with a smile.

“Ah, no Mistress” I mutter.

“Well, that is going to cost you, after this, we are going to the jewellery store, I've had my eye on a gold bracelet. Now get out and wait for me to try this on” She said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I slink out of the dressing room, feeling both pleased and embarrassed. My pants are starting to show my wet crotch, I figure I am going to be shopping like this for the rest of the day. For some perverted reason, this only excites me further as I wait.

Mistress throws the bodysuit at me and tells me to go and purchase it while she gets changed, I do as I am told, soggy pants and all.

We leave the store, again, me behind her as she struts in front of me. She looks back at me and smiles, runs her tongue across her teeth, and says “We are stopping for coffee, I need to rehydrate”. She laughs.

I grin sheepishly as we head for the nearest café. I know where this day is heading, I think to myself. I am the luckiest man alive!

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