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A Walk In The Park

I quickly hit the call button and it rang for what felt like forever,


Fuck, what have I done?

“Ahh, hi umm hi my name is….”

“I don’t care what your name is, what do you want?” the voice snapped, cutting me off. I found myself getting instantly aroused.

“I saw your advert and was hoping there would be an availability to see you today?” There was a moment of silence followed by a long sigh. If I was watching her, I just know she would be rolling her eyes at me. “What time?” she asked in a disinterested tone. After a few words back and forth we agreed on 8: p.m. She told me to text her when I arrive and hung up the phone. This gave me exactly 2 hours, 45 minutes, and 10 seconds to change my mind. All I had to do was not turn up if I felt too overwhelmed my panicked mind kept telling me. The other thought in my mind that had started to consume me was that with looks like hers I am sure she would have a way to track me down if I didn’t show up. So, there I was, damned if I did or damned if I didn’t.

Only moments ago, I was browsing the BDSM section on NZ Pleasures when she struck me, staring right into my eyes through the screen like I was her prey, her next victim, or rather her plaything. Her eyes looked as if they held a million secrets and wicked tales but that smirk, that smirk was something else! Something in me needed her, I craved to be at her feet, yet at the same time, my mind was telling me to be very afraid.

I quickly showered being sure to shave carefully and scrub every inch of my body, my scrawny body that I now suddenly started to feel self-conscious about. What if she laughed at me? What do I wear? Omg, what the hell have I done? I picked out my dark blue jeans and a white dress shirt and got dressed. Well, I didn’t look half bad I thought to myself as I applied some aftershave. I started to feel light-headed, “Breathe you, idiot, she doesn’t care what you look like, you mean nothing to her” I speak out loud to myself as I feel the sweat starting to appear on my brow line. The waves of anticipation were overwhelming, no backing out now. Picking up my jacket I grab my keys, jump into my truck, put the address into my GPS, and start heading East with my music turned up so loud hoping it will drown out the fear lingering within me.

As instructed, I park and text upon arriving, nervously I sit with my windows down breathing in the fresh air while waiting for her instructions. Half an hour goes by and not a peep, the time is now 8.15 pm and I am starting to think she has forgotten about me. PING! The sound of my phone made me jump “What vehicle are you in?” she asks. Why has she asked me this? Is she going to kidnap me? Is someone else going to come out and jump me? My panic kicks in again not knowing if I should tell her. Something about this didn’t feel right, that’s it I’m leaving! As soon as my sweaty hand turned the key to start my engine, I hear a knock on the passenger door. “Leaving so soon?” Turning my head quickly I see the woman who only hours ago was looking at me through the screen. She’s now staring me dead in the eyes and I’m within her grasp.

“Hmmm, I knew it was you. I was watching you squirm from the window” she says climbing into my truck while exposing her perfect thighs. “You have that nervous look about you, the one that newbies get, I see it all the time”.

“Ahh umm ok” is all my lips manage to splutter out as I wonder what the hell she is doing in my truck.

“Drive” she demands. “Drive where?” my voice squeaks. “There is a park not far from here about 10 minutes around the corner, we will go there”, she says causally. Thinking very carefully before asking my mouth mutters “Shouldn’t we be going into your house or your dungeon Mistress?”. She turns to me and looks at me with those piercing eyes again. They make me weak they scare me while exciting me at the same time. “I am sick of the dungeon Mistress wants to play outside and Mistress always gets what she wants. Do you understand what this means?” she says smirking. Having watched Femdom porn online for half of my meek existence I understood exactly what that meant.

The engine was still on, and I was this far down the rabbit hole, why turn back now? “Yes Mistress,” I say as I start driving. She directs me toward the park. “Good Boy” she coos and squeezes my cheek, I blush. She can see me getting excited and runs her nails up my thigh which only makes the bulge in my pants grow bigger. We arrive at the park “there” she directs me to park while pointing her perfectly sharp nail right at the spot she wishes me to stop in. Before having the chance to turn my engine off, she was already out of the truck and at my door demanding I get out. Panic sets in again. What the hell have I gotten myself into? She slips her hand slowly into her oversized black handbag, pulls out a collar with the word slut on it, a pair of pink cuffs, a leash, and a pair of pink frilly panties.” Strip” her voice demands as she looks at me disapprovingly. I nervously do as I am told. She throws my clothes into the truck and makes me put on the panties. My head is spinning! Firmly placing the cuffs on my shaking wrists, I feel the touch of her hand on my arm, this makes me shudder. After tightly wrapping the collar around my neck she pushes me to the ground and attaches the leash, “CRAWL YOU LITTLE BITCH” she yells. Crawling behind her like a dog I have no idea where she is taking me or what she has planned but my excited mind does not seem to care. All panic has disappeared, and my brain has turned to mush. On my hands and knees trying to keep up behind her I sneak a quick look up to see her strut in front of me. Her black skirt is riding up as she glides along with ease wearing sexy black ankle boots which are making a sound that appears to have made my pathetic cock drip. I can’t be sure if it’s just my imagination running into overdrive, but it appears she has nothing underneath her skirt. The thought of that makes me swell further in my sissy attire.

Abruptly Mistress stops and veers toward a tree in the not-so-far distance, a million thoughts run through my weak little mind.

She turns to me, bends down, and sharply places her finger under my chin. Lifting my head just enough so our eyes meet she then removes my leash. “Go sit with your back to the tree and wait for me like a good boy”, she says with the same smirk I fell for through my computer screen. I do as I am told of course. What else am I going to do stuck in the middle of a park wearing nothing but pink cuffs and frilly pink panties? She walks towards me flinging the leash with a wicked look in her eyes. Taking my hands, she attaches the leash to the cuffs and ties my arms firmly behind my back, so I am unable to move. It was then I discovered my previous observations were correct, she was wearing nothing under her skirt.

She steps right in front of me, her perfect legs slightly apart while lifting her skirt, so my eyes meet with what is underneath. Teasing me, taunting me, telling me that I will never be worthy enough to get any closer to her beauty she leans down and pulls my frilly panties aside to expose my pathetic cock which is already about to explode. “Look at you all hard and excited over me, do you think you would ever be with a Goddess like me”? she scoffs. She leaves me exposed, stands up, and moves closer to my face, “Open your filthy little mouth” she says with a huge smile on her face, “I think you know what treat you are in for, you worthless slut, do not swallow until you are given permission”. I do as I am told as she steps closer to my now widely open mouth. I start to feel my mouth fill up, it tastes sweet, feels warm, and is now starting to spill out of my mouth and down my face. Mistress steps back “Gargle you worthless whore”. I gargle, it is running down the back of my throat and I feel like I want to choke. Mistress is laughing at me “You may swallow”. As I swallow, she comes closer to me again and unties my hands. “Put your hand on that pathetic cock”. I obediently do as I am instructed. With my hand firmly holding myself and my panties pushed aside Mistress steps over me again and tells me to look down at my sad little cock. I see and feel the warm liquid dribble over my hands and cock, I can hear her laughing as I watch her move ever so slightly side-to-side, so she manages to cover every part of me in her piss. I want to explode so badly but all I can do is grip myself while I try not to erupt.

She dries herself with a tissue she pulls from her bag and shoves it in my mouth then turns swiftly and starts walking back toward the car park. “I have a friend on her way to pick me up, you can cum in your panties then fuck off home”, she says in a bitchy tone and flicks her arm in the air to insinuate I am dismissed.

I sit there confused and watch her stut away. When she is out of my view I cum within 20 seconds, then very quickly run to my truck. Sitting wet and in disbelief at what had just happened, I picked up my phone to look up her advert so I can stare at her perfect face. I smile to myself knowing I will be hitting the call button again sometime very soon.

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