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T O D A Y - By Mistress V Today is full of strange feelings and contradictions. Today it is I who is in the cage locked away from you. Today is the day it is I who is gagged and not allowed to speak. Today is the day it is me that is blindfolded and kept in the dark. Today is the day you have the control, control over my emotions. Today I am full of joy, the joy I got to see the parts of you that no one else did. Today I am sad, sad you had to keep this side of you hidden. Today it is I who feels privileged to have had you in my presence. I will remember you today and forever. Blows you kisses from the gate, goodnight my good boy.


Thought of the day - Screams into the void!

If you think it is strange being in my world to those of you who live outside of it, let me tell you, some days it is as just as peculiar being in it myself. The death of a submissive is something I can't grieve openly with everyone else who loved them, I am alone in my sadness, and only others in my realm will understand the heartache of losing such an intimate bond.

You see reader, a dominatrix is not the cold, sadistic and ruthless woman you assume she is, she has feelings, like any other who walks this planet. We care deeply about our pets, slaves, sluts and bimbo whores, we just express our sexuality differently than you would..... and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until next time

Mistress V


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