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You may have seen the word Findom scrolling through BDSM websites, and if you're wondering why it's receiving so much heat, you came to the right place.

Also known as Financial Domination, Findom is a fetish many men have. Findom is about the handing over of money to your Mistress as a way of honoring her. The monetary exchange could be any form, from giving out cash to allowing her to run your accounts and make all the necessary financial decisions.

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that once the submissive has allowed the Mistress to take control, he orgasms. It's more to do with the mental position it puts the submissive in. 


Money is power. And letting someone dominate that vital part of being a man is sexy as hell, wouldn't you agree?

If you wish to discuss anything around Findom, such as Cash Meets or a Debt Contract, you must first send a tribute HERE. This does not need to be expensive, it can be as simple as coffee or as expensive as lingerie, what it tells me is that you are devoted. After you have paid tribute, we can have a discussion about your financial desires. 

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