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Double Delight, With a Twist

The rain hit my windscreen so hard it was making it difficult for me to see, the storm had well and truly set in, and I wasn’t entirely sure where I was going. The streets in this city were completely different from the ones back home. Lights shone at me from every direction distorting my reality and making me feel as if I were in a Hollywood film. Feeling flustered and almost wanting to give up on finding this secret location, I saw it. A red door, no sign, just a black digital keypad, I found a parking space and hurried to the door to prevent myself from looking like a drowned rat.

Hesitating for a moment I raised my shaking fingers to enter the code I was given, I punched in the number 0133 and a little blue light flashed. The door clicks open, I push it gently and I am met with a flight of stairs going down to what appears to be a very dark room.

As I reach the bottom of the stairs I can smell it, the rubber, the latex, the scent of pain lingering in the air. I swear I can almost hear the last victim’s cries echoing down the hallway.

“GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES” a boot flies into my balls, wincing in pain, I fall to the floor. I can hear laughter, not from just one woman either, slowly opening my eyes I look up and see two stunning women staring down at me with wicked grins on their perfect faces.

“Get up you piece of shit, take off your clothes and hang them up over there” a dark-haired woman points to a closet and shoos me away with her hand not making eye contact with me. I hang up my clothing and stand there waiting, too scared to move, I am almost too scared to breathe.

“Come kneel before us” a voice calls me over.

I am only just recovering from the swift kick to my balls, I sure hope I am not in for more of that in a hurry, as much as it turned my pathetic dick on.

I kneel keeping my head facing down at the floor, I see two pairs of sexy shoes on what I can only imagine are two sets of flawless legs. One is in a gold pair of stilettos, and I can only assume the other is wearing thigh-high black boots, I am too scared to peak any higher to see if I am correct in case my eye contact gets me into trouble.

I feel a hand brush under my chin and stop, forcefully my head is tilted upwards, and I am staring at the two most gorgeous women I have ever seen. One has black shiny hair and a beautiful smile but that grin doesn’t put me at ease, she has two fingers firmly placed under my chin, god knows what she is capable of. The other is blonde, harder looking, and staring coldly at me with her piercing blue eyes, I can see. I am not sure who I am afraid of more.

The blonde gets up suddenly and grabs my mouth, forces it open, spits in it, and laughs “I bet that tastes so good, doesn’t it, you stupid boy” I wasn’t sure if that was a question or a statement. “Yes Mistress,” I say with a mouth full of spit. The dark-haired Mistress stands, slaps me hard across the face, and spits on my cheek, they both start laughing. They stand over me spitting into my mouth and rubbing it all over my face, I can feel myself growing, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Do you call that a cock?” the blonde jeered, I look down in shame, I knew I wasn’t overly big, but I didn’t think it was small either.

“WELL?” she shouts

“Umm, no Mistress” I knew this was the right answer.

“That’s right, that is not a cock, my clit is bigger than that tiny fucking thing” she laughed.

My worthless cock grows some more, my cheeks are burning red with both shame and from the slap that was wiped across my face. “OH, Look V, he likes having a clit, it’s throbbing, let’s get her dressed up so he matches her little clitty” the blonde laughs.

“Haha, ok Anna, we shall take her to the sissy room and doll the little bitch up” the blacked haired woman who is known by ‘V’ speaks in a matter-of-fact tone. Anna pushes me to my knees and demands I crawl behind both her and V yet again.

Anna and V, I did not know their names until now. Anna, such a pretty name for such a wild woman, and V, what kind of name was V? What did it stand for I wondered, not violent I hoped as I crawled behind her black boots. Perhaps it was violent, she was the one who kicked me as soon as I walked in.

All thoughts about names vanished when I entered the room, not any room, but the prettiest room I have ever seen. A white dresser full of all kinds of make-up lined up neatly. Racks full of dresses, costumes, lingerie and so many shoes that they almost needed their very own room.

“Stand up sissy” V orders, pulling a pink frilly dress off the rack. I can see Anna picking out white pantyhose and matching panties “Yes Mistress” I squeal with delight. They both dress me, treating me like a barbie doll, like one of their toys, for a moment I am in heaven feeling like I am their equal like I am as beautiful as they are. I am ordered to run my hands over my dress and stockings, my body melts like butter, I have never felt so sexy and pathetic at the same time before.

“Do you feel pretty?” Anna spoke sweetly

“Yes, I feel like a lady,” I said smiling

“HA, a lady, you look like a fucking little slut” V spat at me, Anna laughed and grabbed me, pushing me to the floor again.

“Crawl slut” Anna laughed as we headed out of the room and back down the hallway. There goes my feeling of being their equal as if I could be equal to these femdom queens.

“I’m busting to pee,” Anna says all of a sudden with a sense of urgency, they both stop and look at each other.

“You heard her, open your mouth, she needs to pee,” V says casually, but with a look about her that says, “we own you”.

Anna turns towards me, lifts her skirt, pulls her black latex panties to the side, and pisses right into my mouth looking down at me with those blue eyes.

“Good girl, you didn’t miss a drop, for that you are going to be rewarded for that” Anna says happily.

I thought I saw V trying not to smile when Anna said this, which made me wonder what they have as a reward for me as I continue to crawl back to the dungeon, the taste of piss is still in my mouth, I feel so used yet so turned on.

We enter the dungeon, I am ordered onto a table, blindfolded by V, and told to wait on all fours, I do as I am told waiting for my reward for being a good girl. I feel a gloved finger run down the side of my panties, it is wet and sticky, and my body floods with anticipation. Quickly my panties are ripped to the side, I feel a large dildo entering my desperate fuck hole.

“Ohhh my god” I moan with pleasure

“I told you he was a little slut, didn’t I?” V says smugly to Anna

“Yes, you did, this little tramp is tight too, I like them tight,” Anna says as she keeps pounding away on me like a fuck toy.

I wanted to cum so hard, but I knew I was not allowed to until I was given permission. I hear another set of footsteps, not those of Anna as she is inside me, nor those of V, as she is whispering in my ear telling me I am a filthy little tramp.

The footsteps come closer, reaching me, and then they stop near my head. My breathing gets faster, I have no idea who is standing in front of my face, all I hear is a zipper release then an item, I presume pants, fall to the floor. V grabs my mouth and holds it open

“Open wide you little cock sucker” She laughed wickedly

It’s a man! My mouth is full of actual cock, what a sissy surprise! I can taste him, he is eager and ramming his cock hard down my throat, I choke a little, and both the girls laugh, Anna asks if I want to cum. I nod my head to the best of my ability with the cock still firmly placed in my mouth.

“Well, my slut, you are going to have to swallow a big load of cum before we let you jizz in your sissy panties” V states, I can see her smirk even with this blindfold on.

“Yes Mistress” I mumble trying to speak

Anna starts fucking me harder and the cock in my mouth is starting to taste like pre cum, I can feel it throbbing as it runs over my tongue, it explodes, my mouth is full.

“Now swallow it you fucking slut and when you do you may cum” Anna barks

I swallow the hot salty mess in my mouth, and as I do my panties fill with their own sticky juices.

The mystery man and his cock quietly leave the room. V takes off my blindfold and calls me a good girl. I smile at her and say thank you, she slaps me across the face and demands me to take my slutty arse to the bathroom and clean up. Again, I do what I am told.

I shower and clean up then thank Anna and V for the fantastic time, they make me kiss their shoes before I leave and Anna spits on my face as a departure gift. I head back up the dark stairs and out onto the street with the spit running down my cheek, I smile and head off to find my car.

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