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Crime and Punishment - Poem

It started with Wishtender

in the cool month of March,

he purchased her shoes

for her kissable arch.

The sends became frequent

but he still wanted more,

he gave her his wallet

to a debt contract, he swore.

On holiday he went

with no permission to cum,

for if he did,

there would be no other fun.

He failed his task

to be left in despair,

he would not see Miss V

for the rest of the year.

She messed with his head

from afar in her boots,

she had involved Mistress Quinn,

they were now in cahoots!

They teased and they taunted

but he didn't catch on,

they would have to come clean, they thought

not before long...

Mistress Quinn took control

but he begged not to cum,

he was scared of Miss V

and more deep heat up his bum.

But Miss V was sursprised

she was almost in shock,

the prick didn't confess

he had released his small cock.

She took her sweet time

finding punishment to fit

.....AHHH, she had it

and would not like it one bit.

You know who you are,

this is directed at you,

you would have confessed

if only you knew.....

Your contract still stands

Miss V makes the law,

you will remain under contract

until twenty twenty four!

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