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It has come to my attention, not for the first time, that a very small percent of people are confusing me with this person here (see advert below)

I will NEVER ask you for stream cards/google cards (whatever these are?), I have an NZ Company and an NZ Bank account for deposits or a Wishtender account.

If you look hard enough and do your due diligence, you will see this is in fact NOT me. I do not take kindly being accused of being this scammer. If you genuinely feel this is me and have been scammed, go to the NZ Police, I will happily go down to the station with you if you wish because this is just as bad for my reputation as it is for your bank balance.

I will not tolerate any abuse from anyone who thinks this is me, you will be blocked. And if I am being quite honest here, I think those who have been scammed need to smarten the fuck up and DO YOUR RESEARCH when looking for a provider.

Smarten up before hurling abuse at the wrong person! You just made yourself look like a total FOOL!


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