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Hey, Kinky folk who follow along with my blog (you perverts)! I have been super busy creating a new website that will showcase my online options for you. I have had so many requests from here in New Zealand, as well as overseas, that I needed to create a faster way to communicate to you what it is that I can offer.

Instead of adding it to my site here, I have opted to create an entirely new site for online options to make it clearer for you. I am assuming the recession we are in has caused an influx of online enquires, as it can be a cheaper way to get your"Mistress Hit" without blowing your budget, unless of course, it is Findom you are after, the only thing you will want to be blowing is either your load or another man's cock.

I have come to a few conclusions as to why online may appeal more than in person, for some of course, (I will still be available in person for those lucky enough to get the opportunity to do so).

  1. Money Money Money - We are in a recession whether you like it or not, little online hits can be just what the Dr ordered to keep you sane, without blowing your budget.

  2. Anxiety/Disability - Many who see me online have severe social anxiety or other disabilities, and it is a much more comfortable experience for them to be in the safety of their home while getting on their knees for me.

  3. Time - Spare time as well as funds seems to be becoming a thing of the past, many don't have the luxury to be able to spend the time traveling to and from, to come to see me.

  4. Location - Location is a big one, obviously. Many of my submissive boys reside in rural towns or way out of Auckland, many are even on the other side of the globe.

  5. I'm shy and/or I want to remain private - I hear this a lot, and I completely understand your desire to remain anonymous. I have many options available for my shy boys.

  6. COVID - I think covid has made people more recluse in general, I am not sure if everyone has gotten used to being able to go outside and socialize as they did back in 2019 yet. Hopefully, we see this start to change soon.

I am creating some pretty fair pricing for those on a budget, possibly cheaper than many on well-known sites. The reason I can do this is, I am cutting out the middle man from taking his cut and bringing you the goods straight to your inbox, what's better is, you get to customize your order to fulfill your fantasy, it's not like lucky dip clip buying.

Please be assured your privacy is a top priority, any information shared with me about online sessions/requests/phone numbers, etc, is kept hidden in a vault (my head).

The new website should be ready to go near the end of August. Keep your perving peepers on the lookout.


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