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Office Antics

Her phone was ringing yet again from the blocked number, she usually wouldn't contemplate answering it due to it being an unknown caller, but it had been calling all morning and she started to wonder if it was an emergency. Silly, of course it isn't she thought and let it ring for the 33rd time. She carried on about her day catching on admin work as she did every Friday afternoon when the phone pinged with a message

"Hi, sorry I called so much I was so worried about you having my phone number, this is my work line and if anyone saw I had called, I could get in trouble"

Oh piss off, Miss V thought, they are all so fucken full of themselves they think I give a shit where they work. She carried on about her woek when another message came through.

"I'm really sorry I feel I have annoyed you, let me explain my fantasy and see if it something you would consider doing Mistress"

"Here we go this should be good" miss V thought as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

Another message pinged

Her eyes didn't remain in the back of her head for long, and she found herself grinning wickedly, very wickedly indeed.

"I will be there in just over an hour" Miss V text back after waiting a few minutes to let him sweat.

Walking into a marble floored lobby with a majestic fountain and dazzling chandeliers she felt right at home, posh she thought to herself looks like a real power house. We will see who is in charge by the time I leave you hounding little pest.

Up the elevator she went to the 45th floor where her victims office was situated, the doors slide open and she followed the instructions given to her. Left at the elevator, last right corridor and the end room. Ahh corner office she soon discovered. She knocked, he called her in.

She closed the door gently behind her and walked up to him, slapped him across the face and told him strip off "hurry up" she barked. He fumbled suddenly appearing nervous. Once his clothes were on the floor she pushed him over his desk and demand he log into his bank account, he did as he was told. She pulled out a strapon and slide the menacing looking device up her stockinged legs until it fit snug. She walked up behind him bent and waiting for her, running her long red finger nail down his back she spoke "I hope you are ready to have your accounts drained you pathetic little bitch"

"Yes Mistress" he yelped as she started sliding the head into his hungry fuckhole.

She thrusted slowly and gently with meaning and demanded if she wanted him to stop to put $5000 into her bank account. He did so immediatley.

She kept fucking him, increasing in speed "still want me to stop bitch" snarled Mistress

"Please Mistress" he begged

"Put in another $5000"

He did so again with great enthusiasm, she caught him smiling in his laptop screen.

"I see you are smiling you little bitch, put in $20,000 NOW" she ordered.

Again this was done swiftly. She kept thrusting into him, now rather fast and he was taking her full length with ease. He was moaning in pleasure, she knew he wanted to cum so badly.

"Are you ready to cum my moaning little money machine?" She said in a sexy voice

"Yeeeesssss Mistress" he moaned

"I will allow you to cum for me, once you send the next amount, enter $100,000 and cum right when you hit the send button" she said with a smile.

She started fucking him harder as he pressed the numbers into the keyboard while groaning with pleasure.

"Cum for me you little paypig, cum piggy cum" she laughed.

He let out the loudest moan, she was almost sure the people in the next office would hear, but what did she care.

He collapsed on his desk desk with delight smiling, she tidied up and straightened up her skirt and stockings.

She turned to him grinning spat on his face, turned and walked out of the office. Her phone pinged

"OMFG that was the hottest experience of my life"

She didn't need him to tell her that, she strutted back to the elevator with a fair chunk of his funds thinking 'it won't be long until he wants a second hit" until then, "thanks loser" she said quietly under her breath.

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