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The lovely staff at Erotic Escorts invited me to have a chat with them, subscribe, and read my interview, on your knees of course. Also featured in this issue

inside this edition you'll discover:

  • Luscious Lips

  • Fired Up Stiletto's

  • *NEW* Premium Providers Classified section

  • and more!

Fired Up Stiletto's is a must-read, please get behind these girls and support fair working conditions. As an ex-dancer (18 years ago) it has really disappointed me to see what has become of the industry. I am privileged to say I had only the best support network and fabulous boss, the late Bernie Whye from Sunset Strip. Rest in Love my friend, the memories of Fort Street will forever be in my heart.

The rest of you, get behind this cause!

Are you a sex worker? I can not recommend Erotic Escorts NZ as the #1 advertising platform here in New Zealand. The customer service is second to none, always happy and fast to respond to any questions or queries! Get in touch with them today!

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Interview with erotic escorts NZ
Mistress V NZ

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Mistress V Erotic Escorts


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